Are you tired, stressed, or dealing with chronic health conditions?  Here’s another way to naturally 

restore your body’s balance and healing ability.

What the "Bleep" is the VIBE

The VIBE is an all-natural treatment, with no drugs, no expensive supplements, no special diets, 

no side effects and no discomfort.


What Does it Do?

Bio-Relieves Light produced by the VIBE increases the vibrational frequencies to that of a healthy cell.  This is a technological breakthrough that provides essential energy directly to the cell, enhancing the function of the human body by enabling it to reach its optimum health!

~ Improves the Immune System

~ Regenerates & Reprograms Cell Frequencies

~ Restores Natural Sleep Patterns

~ Heightens Energy Levels

~ Enhances feeling of WellBeing

~ Mental Clarity with Balanced Emotions

~ Reduces Drug Dependency

~ Speeds Recovery and Helps Heal Injury

~ Decreases Inflammation

~ Improves Joint Mobility

~ Relieves Anxiety Disorders

~ Noticeable A.D.D. symptom relief

U.S. Patent 6,933,819

Is IT for You?

Our goal is to empower you to make healthy choices.   Welcome into your life what resonates with you, and let go of what does not.  Partnering with the VIBEnergy helps clarify your intention and manifest your “heart's desire”.  We also recommend using the detoxifying foot bath, to easily remove toxins, lymph, and heavy metals from the body, contributing to a Healthier YOU.

The V.I.B.E. consists of technologies based on the theories of Lakhovsky, Tesla, Rife, and Clark.  Using these pioneering techniques, this device increases the body’s cellular frequency to its “original” healthy state.  Imbalances in the body are created by toxic substances that we eat, pollutants we breathe, exposure to negative energetic environments, and how we handle our thinking and feeling processes.  Our body has a higher frequency or vibration when it is healthy, and a lower vibration when it is sick.