Bridges to WellBeing
Kalaya Delmars, HHP, LMT, SK, ABS

Resume~Kalaya Delmars


I have a University education in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, with an in-depth understanding of muscles in movement, 34 years of experience as a Sports massage and rehabilitation specialist. As a Touch for Health Kinesiology instructor, I incorporate the Eastern approach to meridian energy, organ health, and its relationship to muscle function.  The healing potential of my work has developed from merging these diverse modalities, guided by intuitive wisdom and extensive education.   I am also an Aquatic Bodywork Specialist, emphasizing clinical Jahara and adaptive Watsu.

Certifications  & License

Hawaii State Massage License #4884   (03/98-3/06, & 2/11-Present)

Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED (1/21/17-1/2019)

Bridges to WellBeing, Kilauea, HI (2/11-Present)

CA State Certified Massage Therapist License # 467 (10/09-10/11, 8/17-8/24)

Healing Arts Center of Santa Monica, dba (6/09-10/10)

Dana Point Massage Establishment License #712  (3/06 to 10/09)

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner  (12/08)

Theta Healing / DNA 2 Teacher    (08/03)

Jahara Technique Specialist    (08/01)

Watsu Therapist      (12/00)

Watsu Practitioner     (10/99)

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor    (10/00)

Specialized Kinesiologist     (12/97)

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner   (08/95)

Touch For Health Instructor    (06/95)

Nat’l Cert. for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork #018143 (12/94-12/14)

Laguna Beach Massage License (since 94)

Holistic Health Practitioner    (12/90)

Massage Therapist     (05/90)

Massage Technician     (12/89)

Education Total = 6,002 class hours

American Institute of Massage Therapy, Costa Mesa, CA Dr Hungerford

(12/90) AMTA accredited program for H.H.P. One year program.                1000 hours                        

Sports Massage Training Institute, Costa Mesa, CA. (12/90)

Post-Graduate Program encompassing the principles of Pre-Event, Preventative,

Post-Event & Restorative Sports Massage Techniques.                                   300 hours

Int’l Profl School of Body Workers, San Diego, CA (12/89) Massage

Technician: Circulatory Massage, Postural Correction, Energy Balancing.        120 hours

Massage Therapy ~ Continuing Education = 636 hrs

CPR/1stAid/AED, Fireman Hdqts, Lihue, Kauai (1/21/17-1/19)                      6 hours                          

Sadhana, Spinal Issues, Kimberly Klien, Kapaa, HI

(1/17-18/2016 & 4/19-20/2015                                                                       24 hours

Sadhana Therapy, Pelvis & Knee, Kimberly Klien, Kapaa, HI

NCBTMB CE #450852-08 (2/9-10/14 & 4/26-28/14)                                     24 hours

John Tyler Aloha Ocean Safety/CPR/1st Aid Training, Hanalei, HI       

(8/18/12 – 8/18/14)                                                                                           8 hours 

John Tyler, CPR/1st Aid, Hanalei, HI  (7/14/10-7/12)                                       6 hours

American Safety & Health Institute Pro-CPR/AED, Kauai, HI

(12/05-12/07)                                                                                                   6 hours

Ethics One, Apollo, Shirley Henderson (2/20/07)                                            6 hours

Hemme Approach to Ethics, Hemme  Workshop, (12/27/02).                         3 hours

 Lomi Lomi Pu’uwai, Kilauea, Kauai, Fern Meryl-Jones &

Janet Graves, (1/20/02)                                                                                 24 hours

TsangChi Nei Oshi, (internal organ massage), Anahola, Kauai, (8/01)               20 hours

 Liberated Spine Therapy, Kilauea, Kauai, Myra Delaquis, N.P.,

Lugano, Switzerland, (8/12/01). -                                                                  20 hours

 Kino Mana Sacred Lomi, Kilauea, Kauai, Fern Merle-Jones &

Janet Graves, (3/19/00)                                                                                24 hours

 PostEvent Sports Massage (asst. instructor), Ironman Kona, HI,

Dr. Myke Hungerford (10/14/98).                                                                    8 hours

Zen Shiatsu and Healing with Whole Foods, Heartwood, CA.

Paul Pitchford (6/7/97)                                                                                 100 hours

Spiritual Massage, Esalen, Big Sur, CA. Maria Sauer Hollman (12/97).            30 hours

Infrastructural Movement Massage, Back to Basics, Santa Monica CA.

Steven Cohen. (9/18/94).                                                                                16 hours

Facial Massage,  Santa Monica, CA , Steven Cohen (6/13/94).                         16 hours

Traditional Thai Massage, Nuad Borarn Laguna Beach, CA.

Terri Rogers (9/06/93).                                                                                   24 hours

Int’l Sports Congress, Joint Play Mobilization, Lynn & Peter Wind Kona, Hi

Massage School Dirs. Post Surgical Intervention, Marci Javril BA (10/92).      24 hours

Russian Sports Massage (Asst. Instructor), Ironman Kona, Hi.

Dr. Myke Hungerford (10/14//92).                                                                    8 hours

Onsen Technique, East-West College of Healing Arts, Portland, OR.

Rich Phaigh (8/12/1992).                                                                                  24 hours

Acupressure, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA

Nancy Kryder, OMD. (7/30/92)                                                                        16 hours

 The Seated Massage Experience, AMTA, St. Louis, MO.

Raymond Blaylock, MT (4/1/92).                                                                        14 hours

 Int’l Sports Massage Congress, Russian-Kuroshova,

Australian-Doran (10/06/91).                                                                            21 hours

Myofascial Release I, MFR Treatment Center, Sacramento, CA.

John Barnes PT (9/8/91).                                                                                  20 hours

MAPS-Maximum Athletic Performances System, Malibu CA.

John McGuire (6/13/91).                                                                                     8 hours

CA Massage Therapy Assoc. Conf, Chi Gung, Sunnyvale, CA (4/20/91).               8 hours

Soft Tissue Release II, British Institute Sports Therapy, Westminster, CA,

Jambarda & Stuart Taws. (1/13/91).                                                                   20 hours

Musculoskeletal Assessment of Neck, Shoulder & Jaw, Sports & Orthopedic

Physical Therapy Specialists, San Diego, CA Paul Chek NMT. (11/4/90).              14 hours

Int’l Sports Congress, Polish-Kluczynski, Russian-Kurshova,

Australian-Doran (10/21/90).                                                                               24 hours

Soft Tissue Release I, British Institute Sports Therapy, Costa Mesa, CA.

Jambarda & Stuart Taws,  (7/21/90).                                                                  20 hours

Thai Massage, Costa Mesa, CAL., Michael Eisenberg of Thai

Massage Ctr, Bow, WA. (4/7/90).                                                                        24 hours

AIMT Hand Reflex, OHI-Oriental, Costa Mesa, CA, Dr Daniel Lobash

Phd & Carl Flowers OMD, (3/1/98).                                                                       8 hours

Marketing the Healing Prof, Inquire Within, Irvine, CA, Rick Welt,

(4/12/95).                                                                                                            50 hours

Kinesiology ~ Continuing Education = 679 hrs

Taught Touch for Health I – IV, Laguna Beach, CA, (5/99 – 7/99).                     64 hours

A.S.K.-U.S. Conference, San Francisco, CA, (4/99).                                             13 Hours

Advanced P.K.P. (Professional Kinesiology Techniques), Deep

Tissue Center, Norwalk, CA, John McGuire, (1/10/99).                                        16 hours

Kinesiology Certification Program (Asst. Instructor), Kinesiology

Institute, Malibu, CA. John McGuire (1/97-12/97).                                           200 hours

Taught Touch for Health I – IV, Laguna Beach, CA, (8/97 – 11/97).                    64 hours

International Conference of Specialized Kinesiology, Lake Garda, Italy,

Advanced Applied Kinesiology Techniques, Dr. Sheldon Deal,

International College of Kinesiology, (10/4/95).                                                   40 hours

Touch for Health I (T4H for Bodyworkers, Asst. Instructor), San

 Luis Obispo, CA., Kinesiology Institute, Michael Ugliejsa, (9/18/95).                   16 hours

Touch for Health I-IV Instructor Training, Santa Monica, CA.,

Kinesiology Institute, John  McGuire (6/95).                                                        60 hours

Instructor Certification in Stress Release Made Easy & Tibetan Energy  

Kinesiology Institute, Santa Monica, CA, John McGuire (6/95).                             6 hours

Kinesiology Certification Program, Kinesiology Institute, Malibu, CA.,

John McGuire & Michael Ugliesa T4H I-IV (10/94-2/95), PKP I

(3/95-5/95), PKP II (6/95-8/95).                                                                        200 hours

Continuing Education ~ Aquatic Bodywork = 1,729 hrs

Healing Dance Above & Below, Intern Instructor w/Theri Thomas,

Aquatic Bodywork Center, San Diego CA (12/05)                                                   50 hours

Watsu 3-Free Flow Adapted for Special Needs Clients, Auditor w/Peggy

Schoedinger, PT, Aquatic Bodywork Center, San Diego CA(12/05)                        50 hours

Jahara Specialty Class-Clinical Rehab, Mario Jahara & Tova Rosen,

Palm Desert, CA, (1/24-30,2004).                                                                         50 hours

Watsu III Adaptive, Cameron West, Kalani Resort, Hawaii,

(5/23-27, 2002).                                                                                                   50 hours

Healing Dance Above & Below, Auditor w/Inika Spence,

Kalani, Hawaii, (11/9/01)                                                                                        50 hours

Healing Dance Above & Below, Kalani, Hawaii, Inika Spence, (3/30/01).                 50 hours

Jahara Basics, Assistant, “Manawai”, Kauai,, Mario Jahara, (2/23/01).                  50 hours

Watsu III, Rhythm Ranch, CA. Harold Dull & Melantha Tatum, (12/10/00).          50 hours

Healing Dance I, Kalani, Hawaii, Inika, (10/27/00).                                                50 hours

Water Dance I, Kalani, Hawaii, Shantam and Richard Bock, (10/13/00).                50 hours

Jahara Underwater, Audit, Harbin Hot Springs, Mario Jahara, (08/11/00).          50 hours

Jahara Expansion, Audit, Harbin Hot Springs. Mario Jahara, (08/04/00).            50 hours

Jahara Expansion, Ojai, CA, Mario Jahara, (02/26/00).                                        50 hours

Jahara I, Audit, Harbin Hot Springs (11/19/99).                                                   50 hours

Watsu I, Audit, Harbin Hot Springs, School of Shiatsu and Massage,

Harold Dull and Michelle Chelenza (9/10/99).                                                        50 hours

Jahara Technique II, Ojai, CA, Mario Jahara (8/8/99).                                        50 hours

Jahara technique I, Ventura Easter Seals Pool, Mario Jahara &

Cameron West, (5/30/99).                                                                                    50 hours                                                 

Presence of Being, Harbin Hot Springs, School of Shiatsu & Massage,

Richard Bock and Shantam, (9/11/98).                                                                   50 hours

Watsu I Audit, Ventura, Cameron West & Kat Stenvers, (719//98).                     50 hours

Watsu I & II, Harbin Hot Spring, Harold Dull, originator,

Minakshi, Michele Chelenza. 6/7-6/19/98).                                                         100 hours

Energy Healing ~ Continuing Education = 538 hrs

Matrix Energetics Level 3-Wizard Training, Dr Bartlett, Seattle WA,

(2/7-9, 2009)                                                                                                       24 hours

Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2 plus Practitioners Certification, Dr                       48 hours

Bartlett & staff, Seattle, WA, (12/08)  plus client session log                            70 hours

Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2 Repeat (12/6-8, 2008)                                          24 hours

Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2, San Francisco, CA

Dr Bartlett & staff  (10/17-19, 2008)                                                                  24 hours

Healer Training 3, David Elliot, LA, CA (11/9-11, 2008)                                         24 hours

Healer Training 4, David Elliot, Sedona, AZ (6/6-10, 2008)                                  24 hours

Healer Training 1, David Elliot, LA, CA (11/9-11, 2007)                                          24 hours                                       

Adv. DNA II-Techniques & Strategies, Seventh Plane of Existence,

Vianna Stibal, Kapaa, Kauai, HI (4/1-3, 2005).                                                       24 hours

DNA 2 Teachers Certification, Vianna Stibal, Kapaa, Kauai,

Hawaii  (8/14-17, 2003).                                                                                       32 hours

DNA 2 & Core Belief Reprogramming, Vianna Stibal, Honolulu,

Oahu, Hawaii,  (4/11-13,2003).                                                                              24 hours

DNA 2 & Core Belief Reprogramming, Vianna Stibal, Kapaa,

Kauai, Hawaii (12/8/02).                                                                                       24 hours

Sound Healing, Kilauea, Kauai, Karina Schelde, (9/20-22,2002)                           24 hours                               

Therapeutic Experience in Stillness-Subtle Cranial, Gary Peterson,

Kilauea, Kauai (8/1-7, 2002).                                                                                32 hours

Esoteric Healing, Level 1, Wallace F. Smith, International, Network

Esoteric Instructor, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii (7/4-7, 2002).                                  32 hours

Reike II, San Diego, CA. Ma Prem Carol Roujansky, (2/10-11,1996)                     16 hours

Reike I, San Diego, CA, Ma Prem Carol Roujansky, (1/23/94).                             20 hours

Energis/Resonance Balancing, Health Optimizing Institute,

Encinitas, CA  William Eidelman, MD. (1/31/93).                                                  19 hours

Radiant Touch, Alignment, Bach Flower Remedies, Nat'l Conservatory of

Holistic Medicine, Santa Monica, CA. Eric Love PHD, (4/25/93).                         16 hours

Light-Medicine of the Future, Santa Monica, Jacob Liberman PHD(2/93).          24 hours

Energy Touch Therapy, Psycho-Genic “Root Cause” Healing Process,

Encinitas, CA. Chuck Loggerwell (1/10/93).                                                           36 hours

Energy Training Prog, Topanga Canyon, Fernon Poulin DC (4/92).                          24 hours

Work Experience

Bridges to WellBeing, Kilauea, Hi                                                                 (2/11-Present)

Sharron Norton Holistic Health, Dana Point, CA                                           (8/06-10/10)

Healing Arts Center of Santa Monica, CA                                                   (10/09-10/10)

Manawai Watsu Kauai, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii.                                           (10/99 to 7/06)

Aquatic Bodywork Specialist, Self-Employed.

Hyatt Regency Kauai Spa, part-time Massage Therapist                               (2/02-5/02)

Radiant Health, Laguna Beach, CA, self-employed                                       (7/92-10/99)

Goldenwest Health Center, DC, Huntington Beach, CA.                              (1/93 to 4/94)

Injury Specialist

Health in Balance, Gary Arthur DC, Laguna Beach, CA                                 (7/92-2/94)

Injury Specialist, Massage Manager

Enhanced Performance and Relaxation within North Orange                      (6/91-7/92)                                        

County Sports Rehabilitation Center (with DC, PT, MD, & MT)

La Habra, CA., Sports Massage Specialist, Co-Owner

ACT Health & Fitness Clinic (PT, MD, MT), Santa Ana, CA.                      (1/91 to 6/91)

Sports & Injury Massage Therapist

Body Cushion Educator, (DO, ACC DC, PT, MT),

Body Support Systems, Inc.                                                               (1990 to present)