Specialized Kinesiology

5elementTo decipher the symptoms, uncover the cause enable your body to heal.

What is Specialized Kinesiology? A system of natural health care which combines muscle testing with the principles of Chinese Medicine to access energy and body function. The body’s natural healing responses are stimulated by attention to reflex and accupressure points and by use of specific body movements, massage therapy and nutritional guidance.

5emotionSpecialized Kinesiology can:

Relieve muscular-skeletal compensation patterns; resulting in freedom from chronic pain.
Reset or eliminate re-occurring injuries (ex: weak or accident prone left knee)
Remove obstacles, which can sabotage ones ability to make “life enhancing choices.”
Clear the emotional charge on stressful life situations and the associated physical symptoms.

National Certification #18143 ~ Massage Licenses: HI #4884 ~ CA #467