Detox Foot Bath

Energy Balance Detox Foot Bath is designed to detoxify and balance the overall body’s energy while facilitating and aiding in its natural detoxification process.  It removes unwanted toxins, neutralizes and eliminates harmful free radicals by creating an ionic energy field within the body.  Proven in clinical trials to balance and restore the body’s pH level and electromagnetic energy.  It has also been proven to increase range of motion as well as improve overall muscle strength.

eb-proThe stress, toxic environment, and poor diets of modern life contribute to an accumulative toxic burden on the body and poor nutritional absorption.  The foot bath, naturally restores and normalizes the body’s pH balance and energy levels by efficiently drawing the toxins out through the feet, gently stimulating cellular cleansing.

National Certification #18143 ~ Massage Licenses: HI #4884 ~ CA #467