Holistic Therapies

Matrix Energetics

Specialized Kinesiology
We evaluate and balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, and then remove any obstacles which may sabotage your ability to make “life enhancing choices” and accomplish your goals. Bringing harmony to all aspects of your being…
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Affordable breakthrough technology to naturally restore your body-mind balance and healing ability. Enhance your Well-Being, increase your vibrational energy to promote a higher quality of life.

Detox Foot Bath
a gentle cleanse of your body. Quickly and easily removes the accumulation of toxins.

Theta Energy Healing
We all have core beliefs that manifest in the physical realm
and limit our expression. By uncovering and clearing them on
a purely energetic and often unconscious level, we embrace
a new life experience.

Integrative Breath Work
JUST BREATHE – ” Prana ” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning life force. It is the connecting link between the body and mind. This 3-way breathing meditation will press energy into the blocked emotion such as: fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, so a person may work deep into their core for transformation, wisdom and clarity. The breath is a truth serum to connect a person to their higher-self and to become one with spirit.

Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu ~ Jahara ~ Healing Dance ~ Water Dance
Imagine yourself floating in body-temperature water…
now weightless…
receiving massage and gentle stretches..
moving effortlessly…
free from long-held tension.

You have succumbed to the “Quiet Mind” where nothing separates you from your internal wisdom…from your limitless possibilities. You experience, infinite freedom of movement… a flowing release from Stress and Pain.

National Certification #18143 ~ Massage Licenses: HI #4884 ~ CA #467