About Kalaya

Kalaya Delmars

Kalaya Delmars, Holistic Health Therapist, practicing for over 25 years, her unique Synergy Therapy; which can eliminate chronic pain, relieve stress reactions, clear the emotional charge and reset the body’s functional balance. She achieves these results via the many modalities in which she is certified, within the massage, aquatic bodywork and energy healing fields.

Kalaya was a physical education major in college, having an in-depth study of Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology would establish a broad foundation and later, influence her decision to acquire Sports Massage training. As a Sports and Injury Specialist, she established a Massage Department within a Sports Rehab Clinic, providing recovery from injury and surgery to professional athletes.

Kalaya’s Kinesiology Certification incorporated the Asian philosophy of healing; the balance of meridian energy as it relates to muscle & organ function. Her deep understanding of the inter-relatedness of all systems, created a quantum leap in the effectiveness of her massage. This knowledge would initiate her Synergy Therapy approach.

For seven years as owner of Manawai Watsu Kauai, Kalaya received worldwide acclaim in nine publications including, Travel & Leisure and Luxury Spa Finder for her expertise as an Aquatic Bodywork Specialist. She is a Jahara Clinical and Watsu Adaptive Specialist, Healing Dance and Water Dance Therapist, with 1250 hours of aquatic training.  While capable of offering sessions of any one of these modalities, she skillfully creates a blending that is unique to each individual’s needs in that given moment.

She healed her own breast cancer by increasing her cells energy vibration, and clearing the toxic burden from her body.  She clearly understands the link between acidic toxins and all inflammatory diseases of the body. This experience lead her to explore many energy healing modalities, and brought the VIBEnergy device and use of Detox footbath into her wellness practice. Delving deep into many Energy Healing modalities; Reiki, Integrative Breath work, Theta Healing, and Specialized Kinesiology. As a certified practitioner of Matrix Energetics she utilizes the quantum field of light & information to create an amazing shift in the clients’ physical reality and well being.

Whatever the medium, massage, Aquatic Bodywork or Energy Healing; all her knowledge, experience, innate intuitive wisdom comes to the session. Kalaya would go on to pursue over 6000 hours of education in related disciplines, is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork #018143, and Licensed in HI #4884 and CA #467. She is an internationally certified instructor of Theta Energy Healing and Touch for Health Kinesiology.

National Certification #18143 ~ Massage Licenses: HI #4884 ~ CA #467